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Ardrossan Estates Stage 1
Architectural Design Guidelines



The following architectural guidelines have been compiled to assist you in    problem-free construction.  We have taken steps to ensure that this    information covers all aspects of design and construction in an effort to    minimize problems prior to construction.  The objective of these     architectural directives is to achieve the highest possible standard of    VISUAL APPEAL in this subdivision for the immediate and long-term benefit to the Purchaser.

Should any questions or disputes result from individual concerns, the Developer’s decision will be final.

2.1 Security Deposit

$2,500.00 Per Lot payable to Ardrossan Land Corp. at the time of purchase. The deposit, or a portion thereof, may be retained by Ardrossan Land Corp. for the following violations:

a) Contravention of Architectural objectives.

b)  Damage to:
i. Curb stop-water service valve
ii. Sidewalks, curbs and gutter
iii. Asphalt
iv. Boulevard landscaping and trees
v. Light standard
vi. Fire hydrants
vii. Grading and drainage swales
viii. Fencing

c)  Front and visible side yard landscaping not completed.
2.2 Landscaping Requirements

A landscaping package for the front & side yard of each lot will include a minimum of TWO TREES AND FULL LANDSCAPING TO THE CURB on the roadway.  The tree shall be at least 2” caliper for deciduous trees and 7 ft. in height for evergreen trees.  The landscaping must be completed within one year of the home being substantially completed.  Seasonal deficiencies will be accepted if late fall or winter construction occupancy occurs. Completion of the landscaping forms part of the final acceptance requirements.
2.3 Lot Grading

The lot grading must be consistent with the approved Ardrossan Estates Stage 1 Grading Plan.  In addition to critical grading control points at the lot corners, grade elevations along each boundary will receive important consideration.  All building permits in Strathcona County require rough & final grading approval through the municipality.
2.4 Setbacks & Siting

Minimum setbacks shall be those established by the RE residential district of the Strathcona County’s Land Use Bylaw.


3.1 House Size

The minimum floor level area of dwellings shall be as follows:

Bungalow    1350 sq. ft.
Bi Levels    1350 sq. ft.
Storey and One-Half  1800 sq. ft.
Two Storey    1800 sq. ft.
Split Level on 2 levels  1350 sq. ft.

Minimum house and garage width shall be 40 feet.  If the house is to be under 40 feet wide, staggering the garage from the floor plan of the house to achieve the minimum width will be permitted.

The maximum building heights shall not exceed 10 meters (32.8 feet) nor 2-½ storeys
3.2 Repetition

Identical front elevations may not be duplicated on adjacent lots or directly across the street, unless significant changes have been made to the house style, roof pitch and exterior materials to the satisfaction of the VENDOR.
3.3 Corner Lots

Low profile dwellings such as bungalows, split levels or storey and one-half are recommended for corner lots, with the low side facing the flanking street. Full elevation treatments must be applied to the sides of the dwelling facing both streets.  In order for a two-storey to be built on a corner lot special treatment must be given to the flanking side of the building
3.4 Roofing

Roof material shall be at the option of the purchaser with the colours matching the exterior finishes of the house.  Intense shades are to be avoided to minimize conflict between houses.  Minimum roof overhangs are to be 18”.  The roof lines on any house must be consistent or complimentary to the total house design.  Roof pitches are to be a minimum of 5/12, or 6/12 on bungalows.

Chimneys are to be finished consistent with the material utilized on the exterior of the dwelling. Corbelling and rain caps are required.


4.1 Primary Finish

Vinyl siding, hardie board, stucco, brick or stone are permitted primary finishes.  A variety of finishes is encouraged.

The maximum height of parging is 2 feet on all elevations.
4.2 Trim Materials

All trim is required to have a 6″ thickness, or greater.

All fascia are to be a minimum of 8″ depth for all homes.

Muntin bars must be used on all windows facing the street including side windows of bays and any windows within 3 feet of the front corner.

No false fronts shall be permitted.
4.3 Exterior Colors

No two adjacent dwellings may have the same exterior color, and the VENDOR has the right to not allow certain colors or shades if that particular palette or family of colors is already extensively used throughout the subdivision.

Al trims, fascia boards and exposed gutters and downspouts are to be painted so as to be complementary to the colors of the exterior material
4.4 Elevation / Detailing 

Brick or stone is to be used as an accent in conjunction with other detailing options based on the style of the house. Brick or stone is required on the front wall adjacent to the garage door.

For any house design where columns are used for the front entrance, 50% of the column must be brick or stone.  Columns must be a minimum of 18″ at the masonry base area.

The VENDOR will consider applications that do not use brick or stone in order to better achieve the architectural style (ie: modern).  All houses that use vinyl siding as the primary finish must have brick or side regardless of the house style.
4.5 Garage & Driveway

Every dwelling requires a front attached garage for a minimum of two cars.  Driveways are to be located in accordance to the approved driveway location plan.  The maximum distance between the top of the garage door and the garage eave line should not be more than 2 feet without the addition of an architectural feature such as a louver.  Driveways are to be poured concrete, asphalt, or a hard surface treatment approved by the VENDOR.

4.6 Front Entrance

Verandahs and/or porch must be enclosed to grade.  Risers must be closed back – open stairs treads will not be permitted.  Front steps must either be concrete, stone, brick, or enclosed wood that is painted to match/compliment the house color.
4.7 Miscellaneous

Recreation vehicles antennas and commercial vehicles shall not be stored or situated in the front driveway of any Lot and if otherwise stored on the Lot, shall be screened to reduce the visibility thereof from abutting streets and adjacent dwelling.

Any auxiliary building such as storage sheds, additional garages, etc. if constructed must be in the same material and finish of the main dwelling and meet the requirements of the Strathcona County Land Use By-law for such a building



Builder should encourage timely removal by all sub-trades of litter on building sites.  Builders found negligent will be back charged for clean up carried out by the Developer.  Supply of bins by the builder is MANDATORY.  Any general clean up of the subdivision initiated by the developer can and will be charged prorate to all builders.



The cost of repairs due to builder damages to existing feature and utilities will be billed to the builder or deducted from the builder’s deposit and the builder will be invoiced for damages beyond what the security deposit covers.  Builders must pre-inspect their lot for damages to services, walks or curbs and list any damages along with requires picture in writing to the developer



The Vendor shall review, and if deemed satisfactory, approve all Applications for House Plan Approval, with or without conditions, within the Ardrossan Estates subdivision.  Each application must be submitted to and approved by the Vendor prior to applying to Strathcona County for a Building Permit and shall consist of the following information:
 One full set of completed house plans
 One completed Application, in the form attached hereto as Schedule “A” to these Development Guidelines, indicating all proposed materials, colors and other pertinent information.
 Site plot plan showing lot grades, floor elevations, setbacks, side yards and driveway slope as prepared by Pals Surveys & Associates Ltd. or other surveyor as may be designated by the Vendor (the “Designated Surveyor”).

The Vendor will conduct the review of the Application for House Plan Approval as soon as is reasonably practical following acceptance of the application as being complete for consideration.

Any contemplated changes to an approved Application must be submitted in writing to the Vendor for ratification prior to being incorporated on site.



Any fences constructed above the fences built by the developer must match the specifications of the Strathcona County fencing details shown below.

All fences that are visible from the street must be painted to match the colors of the development fences.  All chain link fences must be powder coated black, and all other fences (wooden & other accepted materials) must be painted forest green.

All fences not build out of wood or chain link must be approved by the VENDOR.  Only fencing materials of high quality will be considered.