Canadian Foodgrains + Southfort News!

October 21, 2011

This past weekend we participated to this year’s Canadian Foodgrains Bank Drive ( to help raise money to support eliminating hunger in Africa.  It was quite a scene seeing all those combines clearing the crop off of hundreds of acres of Southfort land in just a day!  Thank you to everyone who helped out, and please take a moment to learn more about the charity and help the cause.

We have gotten a very cooperative September & October from Mother Nature, so we have been able to start some of the finish landscaping in the Southfort Ridge Pond area, as well as almost being complete the asphalt pathways in Southfort Estates 7 & the 92nd Avenue Parkway beside Estates 1/4.  This is going to give our community an amazing connectivity so make sure you get out and make use of the trails to explore all of Southfort before the snow falls.