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1.         Introduction


The objective of the following guidelines is to provide a framework for the establishment of visual quality and integrity for the DEVELOPMENT AREA with respect to each of the first residences constructed in the DEVELOPMENT AREA. These statements are intended to assist home buyers’ designers and builders toward appropriate building forms and details in the context of that objective. Alternate details may be accepted by the VENDOR if, in its sole discretion, it considers such details to be consistent with the objective of the DEVELOPMENT GUIDELINES. These DEVELOPMENT GUIDELINES are imposed for the sole benefit of VENDOR and the final decision on any proposal for variance or full release of the restrictions of these guidelines shall remain solely with the VENDOR.


In order to ensure compliance with these guidelines, the Vendor requires the posting of a $3,000 damage deposit, refundable, without interest, upon final inspection if:

  1. the house is constructed according to approved plans,
  2. there is no damage to municipal improvements such as sidewalks or curbs,
  3. the “Request for Landscaping inspection form” is filled out and sent to the Vendor,
  4. the front/side yard is landscaped including grass & tree,
  5. the municipality has issued to the Vendor the Final Approval of Construction (“FAC”) for the Subdivision.
  6. the Purchaser has fulfilled all of its obligations under the Purchase Agreement including the start and completion of  a dwelling pursuant to paragraph 7(dd).
  1. Process

  1. The VENDOR shall review, and if deemed satisfactory, approve all Applications for House Plan Approval, with or without conditions within the Southfort Meadows Subdivision. Each application must be submitted to and approved by the VENDOR prior to applying to the City of Fort Saskatchewan for a Building Permit and shall consist of the following information:


  • One full set of completed house plans drawn at a minimum scale of 3/16″=1’0.
  • One completed Application, in the form attached, indicating all proposed materials, colours and other pertinent information.
  • Site plot plan showing lot grades, floor elevations, setbacks, side yards and driveway slope as prepared by the DESIGNATED SURVEYOR.


  1. The VENDOR will conduct the review of the Application for House Plan Approval as soon as it is reasonably practical following acceptance of the application as being complete for consideration.


    (c)        Any contemplated changes to an approved Application must be submitted in writing to the VENDOR for ratification prior to being incorporated on site.


  1. Architectural Guidelines


    These DEVELOPMENT GUIDELINES are in addition to and not in substitution for the standards and approval process provided for under any applicable laws and regulations, including those of the City of Fort Saskatchewan. In the case of any conflict between such laws or regulations and these DEVELOPMENT GUIDELINES, the laws and regulations shall govern.

3.1       House Size

  1. Minimum house widths will be as follows:


Building Pocket            Minimum widths

28 to 30 ft.                   28 ft.

32 ft.                            30 ft.

34 ft.                            32 ft.
36 to 38 ft.                   34 ft.



3.2       House Requirements

  1. All housing units are to be completed with at least a double attached garage (front & side garage permitted).
  2. Sidewalks and driveway are to be of poured concrete (including stamped or colored) or exposed aggregate.
  3. Garage locations as shown on subdivision plan.


  4. House portion roof slopes to be a minimum of 5/12 with the exception of bungalows which shall be 6/12 (or as approved by VENDOR).  The VENDOR will consider a lower slope for secondary roof lines such as garage and verandas, as long as it has a specific architectural intent.
  5. There shall be no identical house elevation separately by less than 2 houses.
  6. The minimum roof overhang shall be 18”. All cantilevers on front elevations and exposed sides on corner lots, require a minimum 12” overhang.


  1. Roofs shall be covered with any of the following Driftwood asphalt shingles:

    BP, IKO, Certain Teed Landmark

  2. Predominant trims in contrasting colours on window, doors, trims, etc.
  3. A minimum of 6” fascia
  4. On the front elevation of the house and the exposed side elevation on corner lots, 6” window frames and 4” minimum trim boards around doors will be required.  Windows which cannot accommodate trim boards can use a combination of shutters and trim boards.
  5. Houses using siding will require a minimum 75 square feet of brick or stone on the front elevation (note this can be used as one of your menu options).
  6. Walkout/Partial Walkout/Lots backing on to Lake (Lots 2 – 13, Block 9):

    Extra rear elevation detailing to match the front elevation of the house will be mandatory on all lots. Three storey rear elevations must break up the elevation with the use of windows, box outs, decks, etc.

    Walkout basement houses will require a rear deck complete with a minimum of 12” X 12” support columns.


  1. Freestanding storage sheds or aux buildings will not be allowed within the legal rear yard.


  1. Special exterior design must be given to the flankage side of homes on all CORNER LOTS.  Low profile homes are preferred on corner lots.  Other model types (Two Storey, Bi-Level) will be considered by the VENDOR where extra detail is applied to the side of the house.



3.3       Exterior Finishes


  1. Cedar, vinyl or aluminum siding, brick or stone are the allowable primary finishing materials. California style stucco will be allowed where it is appropriate to the house style.  A variety of finishing materials is encouraged.
  2. The basic exterior finish used on the front elevation of the house must be continuous on all elevations of the house.
  3. Additional finishing material used on the front elevation must be wrapped around the corners:
    – Stone must be wrapped a minimum of 20”
    – Stucco detailing wrapped as shown on front elevation
    – Trim boards as shown on front elevation
  4. There shall be no identical house colour permitted without a separation of a minimum of two houses in between (including across the street). Excessive use of one colour throughout any given streetscape will not be permitted.  A change in exterior material (i.e. stucco vs. siding) may be considered a change in house colour subject to the approval of the VENDOR.


  1. The distance above the garage must be minimized and the garage door must be painted to match the house colour or the fascia colour.


  2. Chimneys visible from the- front street must be boxed in with a corbelled detail.  Rain caps and a full wooden chase are required


  3. On all lots in the area parging must not be exposed more than 1’0” on the front elevation and 24” on side and rear elevations.



    3.4       Exterior Detail Options


Three or more of the following architectural features and design elements must be incorporated into the house design to the satisfaction of the VENDOR:

  1. -Stone, stone tile, cultured stone or natural coloured brick foundation
              1. -Minimum of 50 sq.ft. of river rock, cobblestone or ledgestone (or other styles of stone at the
              2.  VENDOR’s discretion)
  2. -Minimum of 75 sq.ft. of brick
  3. -Roofed over front porches of a minimum 4 foot depth
  4. -Tapered columns

    – Wide open eave overhang with rafters exposed

    – Transom or dormer windows

  1. -Shakes/fish scale siding used as detailing on house
  2. -Square windows in garage doors
  3. -Custom Craftsman Style Front Entry Door
  4. -Garage door from the Designer Door Collection


    3.5       Fencing


Fences shall be either: Wood – Grey (Stone Hedge) in colour or Chain Link (coated in black vinyl).  The design for the wooden fence is below




3.6       Landscaping

  1. Landscaping must be complete for the entire front & side yard of the house to be considered complete for inspection.  This includes all area up until the end of the house and must be completely grass, xeriscaped, or a combination of both.
  2. Finished landscaping must demonstrate proper overland drainage as per the approved engineering grading plan for the area.
  3. Landscaping is to include placing one tree (2” caliper Deciduous or 6’ high Coniferous) in the front yard.

3.7       Miscellaneous

  1. The purchaser must ensure that the lot is kept clean and orderly during the construction period. In the event that the appearance of the site is deemed unacceptable, the purchaser shall clean the site within three days of receipt of notice thereof from the vendor. Failure to do so will result in the vendor performing the cleanup and in turn back charging the costs to the purchaser.
  2. Any auxiliary building such as storage sheds, additional garages, etc. if constructed must be in the same material and finish of the main dwelling and meet the requirements of the City of Fort Saskatchewan Land Use By-law for such a building.  A copy of the By-law is attached.
  3. Recreation vehicles, antennas and commercial vehicles shall not be stored or situated in the front driveway of any lot for a time period longer than what is allowed in the City Bylaws, and if otherwise stored on the lot, shall be screened by a fence to reduce the visibility thereof from abutting streets and adjacent dwelling.