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Southfort Ridge Architectural Controls 



          The following architectural guidelines have been compiled to assist you in problem-free construction.  We have taken steps to ensure that this information covers all aspects of design and construction in an effort to minimize problems prior to construction.  The objective of these architectural directives is to achieve the highest possible standard of VISUAL APPEAL in this subdivision for the immediate and long-term benefit to the Purchaser.



Should any questions or disputes result from individual concerns, the Developer’s decision will be final.



    1. Security Deposit


      $2,500.00 Per Lot payable to Southfort Development Corp. at the time of purchase. The deposit, or a portion thereof, may be retained by Southfort Development Corp. for the following violations:


  1. Contravention of Architectural objectives.


  2.  Damage to:

    i.    Curb stop-water service valve

  1. Sidewalks, curbs and gutter
  2. Asphalt
  3. Boulevard landscaping and trees
  4. Light standard
  5. Fire hydrants
  6. Grading and drainage swales

    viii. Fencing



c)  Front and visible side yard landscaping not completed.

    1. Landscaping Requirements


      A landscaping package for the front yard of each lot will include a minimum of ONE TREE AND FULL SOD ON FRONT YARD, AND TO THE CURB on the roadway.  The tree shall be at least 1 ½” caliper for deciduous trees and 1.8 m. (6 ft.) in height for evergreen trees.  The landscaping must be completed within 120 days of the home being substantially completed.  Seasonal deficiencies will be accepted if late fall or winter construction occupancy occurs. Completion of the landscaping forms part of the final acceptance requirements.


    2. Grading


      The lot grading must be consistent with the approved Southfort Ridge Drainage Plan.  In addition to critical grading control points at the lot corners, grade elevations along each boundary will receive important consideration.  In certain situations, window wells will be necessary and shall be installed.



Houses are to have a consistency of mass within the streetscape.  As such, house widths and size must relate proportionately and logically to the lot width and neighboring houses.


Individual homes will be reviewed on their merits of design, massing, proportion and compatibility.


House width is to be a minimum of 26 feet and must be within 2 feet of the building pocket. (i.e. On a 28 foot building pocket the minimum house width is to be 26 feet.)  To fill pocket, it is permissible to move the garage over 2 feet.  No house width under 26 feet will be allowed.  Front entrance must have some glazing either through use of a sidelight or on front door.



Identical front elevations may not be duplicated on adjacent lots or directly across the street, unless significant changes have been made to the house style, roof pitch and exterior materials to the satisfaction of the Architectural Consultant.



Houses on corner lots require special design consideration.  Flanking side elevations should carry details consistent with the front elevation, and avoid large expanses of blank wall space.  Two storey homes will be permitted providing consideration is given to the flanking side.




    1. Primary Finish


      Cedar, vinyl or aluminum siding, brick or stone are the allowable primary finishing materials. California style stucco will be allowed where it is appropriate to the house style.  A variety of finishing materials is encouraged.


    2. Trim Materials


      All trim is required to have a 4″ thickness, or greater.

      Muntin bars must be used on all windows facing the street including side windows of bays and any windows within 3 feet of the front corner.

      Detailing on all homes must incorporate two of the following:

  • shadow boards
  • shutters on front windows
  • louvers
  • porches
  • bay/boxed/fan window
  • battens on front windows
  • columns
  • brick or stone


    For single family houses, brick/stone is required on the front wall adjacent to the garage door, and must be a minimum of 50% of the wall height (and must wrap a minimum 16″ around the corner.  This will count as one of the two minimum details.

    For rear detached duplex units, brick/stone is required for the front entrance.  If columns are used for the front entrance, at least 50% of the column must be brick/stone.

    No false fronts shall be permitted.


    1. Parging


      Maximum height of parging on visible elevations shall be 2 feet above grade.


    2. Exterior Colors


      All homes must incorporate a minimum of two colors.


      The garage door must be painted to match/compliment the house or trim/fascia color

      In order to avoid repetition, identical primary colors may not be duplicated on adjacent lots or directly across the street.


      7.5                   Roofing


      Roof materials are to be asphalt shingles.  Minimum roof overhangs are to be 18”.  The roof lines on any house must be consistent or complimentary to the total house design.  Roof pitches are to be a minimum of 5/12.


      7.6                               Garage & Driveway


      Driveways are to located in accordance to the approved driveway location plan.  Attached double front garages are required.  The maximum distance between the top of the garage door and the garage eave line should not be more than 2 feet without the addition of an architectural feature such as a louver.  Driveways are to be poured concrete.



The enforcement, administration and interpretation of these guidelines shall be at the discretion of the Developer or its designated consultant.  The unfettered application of these guidelines shall be without notice or precedent.



    1. The Vendor shall review, and if deemed satisfactory, approve all Applications for House Plan Approval, with or without conditions, within the North Oaks subdivision.  Each application must be submitted to and approved by the Vendor prior to applying to the City of Edmonton for a Building Permit and shall consist of the following information:
  • One full set of completed house plans
  • One completed Application, in the form attached hereto as Schedule “A” to these Development Guidelines, indicating all proposed materials, colors and other pertinent information.
  • Site plot plan showing lot grades, floor elevations, setbacks, side yards and driveway slope as prepared by Pals Surveys & Associates Ltd. or other surveyor as may be designated by the Vendor (the “Designated Surveyor”).


    9.2       The Vendor will conduct the review of the Application for House Plan Approval as soon as is reasonably practical following acceptance of the application as being complete for consideration.


    9.3          Any contemplated changes to an approved Application must be submitted in writing to the Vendor for ratification prior to being incorporated on site.




The enforcement, administration and interpretation of these guidelines shall be at the discretion of the Developer or its designated consultant.  The unfettered application of these guidelines shall be without notice or precedent.